Take your me-time – book yourself a holistic massage. Now is the moment!

What makes holistic massage beneficial for you?

Holistic massage fits into a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Having a holistic massage on a regular base is good for both your physical and your mental health. You’ll feel energetic, happy and relaxed.

Massage ensures that the circulation of your blood and lymph are maintained and that released waste products are removed. As a result, your body recovers faster after e.g. intensive (sporting) effort, but also during recovery after illness or a diet. That is why it is very important to drink enough water immediately after your massage session. Water ensures that the physical waste is removed and excreted. Massage therefore benefits your immune system.

Great location in the middle of nature! On top of a hill with the best views!

Holistic massage also ensures that you can connect more consciously with your body, so that you are less preoccupied by thoughts. This way you can get to know your body and also start listening to your body. You can pick up on signals such as stress, pain and fatigue in time to prevent aggravation of complaints or problems (such as overwork and burnout).

Holistic massage relaxes you physically and mentally, creating space and peace in your mind. Being less occupied by thoughts, the less tension you will experience in your body. Your neck and shoulders will feel relaxed again. The overall relaxation ensures, among other things, that you will sleep better and wake up rested.

Feel great through holistic massage!

Holistic massage is a wonderful way to relax and disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. I massage intuitively and from a holistic view. I see my client as a whole human being: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. My holistic massages are beneficial for your body, mind and soul.

Holistic massage makes you feel good and in balance

Benefit more from your massage

Do you want to feel good and in balance all the time? That’s possible! Have yourself a massage on a regularly base. This way you’ll stimulate your body awareness which can get you into the flow of relaxation more easily. The physical touch teaches you to feel, experience and connect to your body with loving attention.

Happy and relaxed after a holistic massage at TATI on Coll de l’Alba in Catalunya

Professional holistic massage sessions with personal attention

TATI is known for quality and professionalism. Each client receives my personal attention, from your arrival to our farewell after your session.

No massage is the same at TATI. I massage intuitively. I can feel where tension is held. Being a high sensitive person (HSP) I can ‘read’ people. During the treatment my attention is in the here and now and with my client. I energetically connect with the client I am treating. Because of this personal approach – which is highly appreciated by my clients – TATI distinguishes itself from other massage practices.

“Massage at TATI is a gift to yourself and a treatment for your soul!”

Holistic massage at TATI is a very special and unique experience

I combine my holistic vision with mindfulness. I tailor my sessions to what my clients need to what is going on at that moment in life. Each session starts with a short conversation prior to the massage. This gives you the opportunity to tell me why you want to have a massage. The moment you lay on the massage table, I’ll start guiding you to being in the here and now and become aware of all there is to feel in this moment. This ensures you’ll be less occupied by your thoughts and therefore can consciously experience and receive the touch of my hands.

After your massage session you will feel reborn. Completely relaxed from head to toe. The combination of being in the middle of nature overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and having a massage with 100% natural (local) olive oil makes it a very special and unique experience of relaxation and awareness.

I use 100% natural, local olive oil for your massage

Did you know that a massage, or a loving touch is healing?

Massage is a natural remedy for both physical and mental complaints, tension and stress. Also in cases of overwork or burnout and (unprocessed) emotional tension (due to traumatic experience(s), for example) massage provides a beneficial effect to the body and mind.

TATI is also the right place for pregnancy massage, mom massage and massage therapy & intuitive coaching.