Tatiana, holistic massage therapist and intuitive coach

Calm and enthusiastic, down to earth and spiritual, positive and optimistic

I am an emotional person – engaging and empathetic. I like people and nature. My high sensitivity (HSP) ensures that I feel a lot and therefore prefer to avoid too many stimuli, but it is also my strength in my work as a masseur and therapist. I can listen and observe well, I read the body language and feel the energy of the person I treat – without forgetting myself.

Before the massage we have a moment for a short conversation, to hear why you want to receive a massage and what is going on at that moment. In case it’s your first massage treatment with me, this conversation also forms the intake to get to know each other a bit. Safety and trust are very important, which ensures that I can connect with you and that you can fully relax under my hands during the massage. The better you receive the massage, the deeper you can feel and connect with yourself, and the more you can enjoy your massage and relaxation.

Tatiana on her finca

I love to massage and to guide people during their life, pregnancy, burnout, processing of grief, illness, celebration, and so on. Because, actually every moment and every situation is suitable for massage!

Can I do something for you?

After reading all this information, do you feel that I can do something for you? Can I assist you during this period of your life? Or do you just want to relax during a moment all to yourself?

Then please contact me. I’d love to meet you!

With love,