It’s not by coincidence that you are here on my website now. You probably searched for massage, coaching, day retreat or want to feel happier and live a healthy life and therefor want to change your lifestyle. Good! No, actually great! Because that means that you are aware of what is going on in your live now, and you want to change or heal that and take good care of yourself. <3

Holistic massage contributes to a healthy lifestyle

Deep relaxation by healing massage

Imagine yourself having a wonderful, deep relaxing massage in the middle of nature between ancient olive trees and with the most beautiful views of the Ebro Delta, the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. This place exists on Coll de l’Alba (Catalonia), and it is magical! Its energy is pure and calm. You will feel more relaxed by just being here. It’s in this place where TATI aka Tatiana welcomes you warmly and gives her healing massages and sessions.

Relax and (re)connect with yourself in this magical place

Spectacular views of the Ebro Delta and the Mediterranean Sea

Intuitive, holistic massage & coaching;
for whom and why?

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following?

I am:

  • preoccupied by thoughts
  • a high sensitive person (HSP)
  • in physical and/ or emotional pain
  • suffering from trauma
  • in a burn-out
  • depressed
  • anxious
  • easily distracted

I want to:

  • relax and charge my energy level
  • be aware of my body
  • connect to my intuition
  • increase my self love
  • be in the here and now
  • create a relaxed way of living
  • be more conscious
  • be guided with my personal development

Why is holistic massage so good for you?

Having a holistic massage on a regular base is good for both your physical and your mental health

Massage fits into a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Having a holistic massage on a regular base is good for both your physical and your mental health. You will definitly feel more happy and relaxed. And that is what we call self-care and self-love. <3

Massage also ensures that you become more aware of your body. That way you can get to know your body better and also start listening to your body. You’ll notice that you can pick up on signals such as stress, pain and fatigue more easy, to prevent problems such as overwork, depression and burnout.

So massage relaxes you both physically and mentally, leaving you peace and space in your head. The less preoccupied you are by your thoughts, the less tension you will experience in your body. And this can be noticed directly on your neck and shoulders. The overall relaxation results in better sleep and waking up rested.

“I received an excellent massage from Tatiana. She took a lot of time before and after the massage, went beyond the physical treatment and gave tips on how to deal mentally with my bad leg. Her open air massage studio has a gorgeous view over the Delta, I would recommend Tatiana to anyone.”
– Moritz (Tortosa)

Not just any massage on the Costa Dorada

Massage at TATI is never ‘just’ a massage. I don’t give standard or routine massages. I massage intuitively, from the heart and from a holistic view. My hands will go where tension is felt. The way I massage is very calm but intense, attentive and in contact with my client. The massage lets you feel, makes you aware of your body and connect with your inner self. Clients experience the massages as very pleasant, very special, deeply relaxing and soothing.

~ More about TATI’s holistic massages ~

Treat yourself to a unique and loving experience

My healing hands will guide you to be present in the moment and connect to all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. My touch is an invitation to (learn to) listen to the voice of your body and soul.

It’s my mission to guide people into awareness and into a more conscious, relaxed and free way of living in love and pureness.

Are you ready for deep relaxation and the loving (re)connection with yourself?

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Treat yourself to
a unique and loving experience

About TATI

Tatiana – intuitive, holistic masseur and coach

My name is Tatiana Burgers. I was born in The Netherlands in 1971 and grew up in The Hague, close to the beach and the sea in Scheveningen. After I graduated from school I worked in the hostelry business for many years. At the age of 28 I became an entrepeneur. At first in the ICT business and later on in 2010 I founded TATI – intuitive, holistic massage & coaching and day retreats (this website is all in Dutch; Google can translate it for you).

I am mother of a wonderful daughter named Giada. In July 2022 we moved from The Netherlands to Coll de l’Alba at the Costa Dorada in Catalunya. Here we live on a finca almost on top of the hill. The picture below shows me with our dog Fabio. Unfortunately he ran away after a wild boar and didn’t come back.

Me and Fabio at our finca on Coll de l’Alba

I continue my work as a holistic massage therapist and coach, here on our finca. I work outdoors amongst the ancient olive trees. I organise day retreats and women circles. Besides that I enjoy being outside surrounded by the calmness and the beauty of nature. I try to ‘just be‘ as much as I can, but I also enjoy activities such as gardening, cultivating the olive trees, learning Catalan, going to the beach and meeting up with my friends.

Be in the present and notice the beauty of nature