Let go and grow

Life teaches us many things along the way. But sometimes we need someone there to guide, help or to coach us for a while to be able to move on with our life. That person can be me, if you want. I coach live and online (by video call / Zoom).

You might want to be coached because it feels like you’re stuck, it’s too painful to go through it by yourself or you keep running into the same patterns.

I coach on several themes:

  • living mindful
  • living with high sensitivity (HSP)
  • healing from trauma
  • healthy and concious lifestyle
  • being concious of your body
Being coached can make you feel liberated

Live your best life!

You are the source and starting point of everything. Because everything is (already) within you, because you are connected to the universe. You are energy, we all are, and we are all connected to the universe.

Everything you want for yourself in life, everything you long for, or what you feel is missing or too little of, is simply there for you.

I name a few examples:

  • (self) love
  • confidence
  • freedom
  • courage
  • self-confidence
  • patience
  • (self) compassion
  • empathy
  • tranquility

It is all a matter of:

  • opening the right ‘drawer’
  • seizing the right moment
  • having the right mindset
  • working with intentions
  • letting go of what doesn’t / no longer serves you
  • being in the here and now
  • making contact with your center
  • keeping yourself in balance

Intuition, your personal guide in life

How do you do all this you wonder? Well, by starting to listen to your intuition. Because your intuition guides you through life. Your intuition is always with you. Just as your breath is always there to help you relax when needed.

Listening to your intuition isn’t obvious or easy for everyone, but you can learn it – if you want to.

Do you want to take ownership of your life?

Do you want to move on in life? Do you want to learn to listen to your intuition? Do you want to learn to love yourself? Do you want to become te best version of yourself?

If your answer to either one or all the questions is YES… Let’s do this!

It’s important to know that:

I don’t work with programmes; I work intuitively and from the heart. I don’t fix things for you, I just listen to you and coach you. I don’t heal you, you heal yourself. We are equal to each other. We respect each other. We listen to each other. And last but not least, we don’t judge each other.